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Learn About the Skating Programs

The following is a list of skating programs offered by the Hiawatha Skating Club.  Please visit the coaches page to get contact info. in order to schedule private lessons.  Private lessons will be available during Basic Skills + Pre-Free and Full Membership classes (Moves, Freestyle, & Dance).

Snow Plow Sam

Designed for kids under six to build confidence while learning to skate incorporating fun and games making class time an enjoyable experience for all.  This class is a half an hour long group lesson.


Before you can score a goal, you need to learn to skate. In the hockey program, skaters will learn how to be proficient and agile on the ice.  This class is a half an hour long group lesson.  Our Hockey Skaters are required to have hockey skates and an HECC approved Hockey Helmet. 

Basic Skills + Pre-Free

These lessons put the FUN in fundamentals as your skaters enjoy learning the basics of ice skating.  Our basic skills is listed as Learn To Skate on the schedule and includes the Basic Skills 1-6 patches.  This group also includes the Pre-Free patch (combination of previous patches 7 & 8) as described in the Freestyle section.  During this session, skaters will receive a group lesson.  There will also be time for private lessons, which must be arranged with a HSC coach.  This class is best suited for skaters that have passed the Snow Plow Sam courses or by coaches recommendation.

Full Member

Skaters in the Full Member program have successfully passed their Basic 1-6 patches and Pre-Free patch.  Now, they will practice in the disciplines of Moves, Freestyle, and Dance.  Skaters will have the opportunity to advance by testing in these areas.  We encourage skaters to book private lessons with any one of our HSC coaches. 

Artistry in Motion (AIM)

Choreography, presentation and performance lays the groundwork for figure skaters to express themselves in their own special ways.  Artistry in Motion will help skaters develop proper emotion and facial expression during their skating routines.  AIM is offered as an add-on course and may be purchased in conjunction with a Full Member package.

Ice Dance

Skaters will learn the main components of the magic of ice dancing, strengthen edges and turns while skating to music.  This add-on may be purchased in conjunction with a Full Member or Basic Skills Learn to Skate package.  Please speak with your coach to determine if this class will be beneficial and appropriate for your skater.

Therapeutic Recreational Skating

Specially designed classes allow individuals with a range of physical or developmental disabilities to skate. Endorsed by the Special Olympics.